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Search By Phone Number

Most people don't know that you can search by phone number to find out information about a person's background. Well... some people may even know this, but they think that you can perform this type of search only for US numbers which is not true. You can get all this information for numbers owned in Canada as well. Full name, current address, relatives, neighbors, address history, and an assortment of public records can be obtained simply by entering their phone number into the reverse phone number search in Canada at and clicking the Search button.

Searching by Phone Number - Your Choices

Of course, to do a search by phone number you have several options. The first places most people go are the free reverse lookup services available all over the Internet. While these services are fine places to start, you'll find they provide limited information on a very limited amount of numbers.

One problem with the free services is that they only work from databases containing public domain information, such as your landline number. If you want to do a search by phone numbers other than landline numbers, you won't find any information on them.

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You also won't find information when you do a search by phone number at a free service for cell phone numbers, unlisted phone numbers, or VoIP numbers.

Another problem is that the information you receive from doing a search by phone number will only provide you with very basic details about the owner of the phone number. You'll learn their name and address, but probably not much else. While that may be all you need at the time, you may find other information about the person's background useful to have.

Finally, most free search by phone number services don't update their information regularly. That means the information you do receive could no longer be accurate - and you'll have reached a dead end in your search. - Accurate, Easy and Affordable

A more effective way to do a search by phone number is through Reverse Phone Detective. Using this service, you'll be able to find information on almost any number you enter. Reverse Phone Detective provides you with millions of records that you can access for only one fee.

Additionally, you'll be able to access even more detailed information about the individual if you want. The members area includes access to hundreds of millions of public records through its expanded people search and investigation databases.

Finally, Reverse Phone Detective keeps its databases as up-to-date as possible, so you run little risk of finding invalid or outdated information. If you do, the other investigate tools available free to registered members, such as free search help and expanded database information, will help you continue your search.

If you're serious about doing a reverse phone number search in Canada, is your answer. Click here to visit the official website now!